We Will Continue To Support The Oppressed Geography

Thanks to the partnership of MUSIAD and Red Crescent, a program was organized for the benefit of our needy brothers in Arakan, Ethiopia and Syria, under the title "Becoming A Hope For The Oppresses Geography".

Thanks to the partnership of Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD) and Red Crescent, a program was organized on 20 January Saturday, for the benefit of our needy brothers in Arakan, Ethiopia and Syria, under the title "Becoming A Hope For The Oppresses Geography". The following people attended the organization, which was attended by the reception of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's spouse Mrs. Emine Erdoğan: Family and Social Policy Minister Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, İstanbul parliamentarian Ravza Kavakçı, Red Crescent President Dr. Kerem Kınık, MUSIAD President Abdurrahman Kaan, AK Party Women Branches İstanbul Provincial Chairman Şeyma Döğücü, Kızılay Istanbul President İlhami Yıldırım, MUSIAD Women's Affairs Chairman Müge Öz, and the leading names of the business world.

When We See a Malignite, We Choose To Correct It

MUSIAD Women's Working Group Chairman Müge Öz stated that they adopted the Hadith stating that “Th granting hand precedes the receiving hand” as a motto in the services they gave as MUSIAD. Müge Öz continued: "We women approach this issue with a different and greater sense of compassion. Since Allah (may He be exalted) has created women in this way. Just as in Akif's poem, "Wherever I see an oppressed, I suffer great hardship”; the fact that being a woman requires this fire to be felt in the deepest point, in her lungs. Today there is a mother of every oppressed in Syria, Arakan, Ethiopia and many more places. We suffer great hardship with them and feel very dejected. When we see a malignite, we chose to go to the heart of it and we chose to fix it manually rather than with words solely. How happy Allah has given this opportunity to us".

Our Aim Is To Light Up A fire Of Goodness In All Hearts

MUSIAD President Abdurrahman Kaan stated that since the day MUSIAD was established, they supported persecuted and oppressed people in every part of the world, especially Muslims. Kaan said, "We are the Ummah of a prophet who says," Even your left hand shall not see what your right hand grants." While we share our gifts with our brothers of God Almighty, we care about being informing people about them. But we have always opposed this to be a show of strength and we will continue to oppose it. We want things that are done to serve as a model, the flare up the fires of goodness in the hearts, and our oppressed not to be alone. From that point of view, I would like to express that I evaluate such organizations as very valuable, and I hope that the numbers of similar organizations will increase further in the future."

Emphasizing that Turkey is beside the oppressed people and victims even today as it was the case in the past Kaan said: "From the early days of the Syrian War, Turkey opened its gates to millions of Syrians unconditionally; however the entire world was struggling with mathematical calculations; considering whether to take 20 people, or maybe 50 people. At this point, Turkey has given the world a lesson in humanity. Turkey has made humanitarian aid worth $ 6 billion in 2016 and became the 2nd country with the highest level of aid. We are especially grateful to the President of the Republic of Turkey who lead this work and to our government. The entire world is now aware that we are not trying to prove something or trying to benefit from this. We will keep on screaming that the reaction we give is the hand we extend to the oppressed people is only related with being human."

Our Assistance Activities Are Continuing

Kerem Kınık, Red Crescent President,  said that they carried out relief activities all over the world: "Every year we lose 3.5 million babies just because of hunger. We produce 4 billion tons of food in this unfair world and we throw away 1.3 million tons of food before we use it. There is plenty of space enough for us all. There is nothing to fight, but unfortunately humanity isavaricious; he sees someone else's right as his own right and extends his hand."

We Construct Bridges Between Hearts

Family and Social Policy Minister Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya said that Turkey never turned its back on innocent and oppressed people and that Turkey always extended a hand to the oppressed.

Kaya said: "Especially in the last 15 years, where there is an oppression, there is a country that extends  its helping hand there. Today, Turkey has a leader whose heart beats for the oppressed.

God shall grant our President a good and long life. May Allah help him in is efforts both for us and the oppressed. Our beliefs, our culture and our values command us to reach out to the people who are in need and to the oppressed without any distinction between them. Because our civilization is a civilization of kindness. He did not remain silent to the drama that takes place in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Without any expectation of interest, wherever we saw an oppressed we extend our hand as Turkey to help. Apart from the distances, we have built heart bridges connecting the continents without considering the distances. Under the leadership of the esteemed Madame Emine Erdoğan, we have acted to relieve the Muslim brothers in Arakan, the women escaping from oppression and crying children. We visited the refugee camps of the victims of Arakan and started humanitarian aid. Afterwards, we visited the region together with our Prime Minister and we studied our aids on-site."

Kaya stated that the organization realized by MUSIAD will be the life water of Ethiopia and all the oppressed geography, as well as Arakan and Syria. Kaya continued as follows: "Ethiopia, known as Abyssinia in history, is the country where Muslims first emigrated during the time of our Prophet. Today we are caring for Ethiopia, which embraced those oppressed in history and became a shelter for them. Now, we are embracing the oppressed people there. Today, Turkey’s investment amount  in this country mounts up to 2.5 billion dollars. With these investments, 30 thousand people were employed and the number of people who underwent cataract surgery with TIKA's contributions exceeded 4,000.”

We Need To Share What We Own

Mrs. Emine Erdoğan, who started by thanking MUSIAD Women's Working Group for organizing the event, spoke as follows: "You ignited the wick for our brothers in need in Arakan, Ethiopia and Syria. Our duty is to enlarge this enlightenment. Our religion advises us to compete in goodness and at the same time not to delay it. This advice gives us the responsibility to know where your goodness is. The responsibility of knowing is to open our hearts to the oppressed. If we are aware of the hunger in Africa, the persecution in Syria, the developments in Arakan, all we have to do is share whatever we own.  Happily, we have a very sensitive and generous nation in this regard. The important thing is to organize these voluntary hearts. It is extremely valuable to hold the hand waiting for help as needed by the person concerned, not when we are available for help. That's the reason why we have non-governmental organizations. We have non-governmental organizations to ensure that the helps of our supreme-hearted nation is able to deliver everything to those in need in a timely manner. Establishments, especially The Red Crescent and also MUSIAD, are the ones who run for help and competes in helping oppressed people. This charity invitation which has been realized in cooperation with MUSIAD and the Red Crescent, will be a hand of friendship extended to the people our religion has made us siblings, even if we do not know them in person."

Erdoğan said that Turkey has a mission resourcing from the history: "His serene highness says 'There are people that are like keys to open the gates of goodness who act like hatches preventing malice. Some are the key of malice and some are the latches of goodness”. How happy to those who hold the key of benevolence in their hands... May God make us one of them. I wish these feelings that your benevolence to be favorable to you. May Allah bless you all. I believe that everything you do with your heart will come back to you. May God, let us in form of state and nation, as opposed to oppression and cruelty. This is the responsibility that history has put into us." He explained his feelings as above.