Visiting from Indonesia Ambassador Wardana to MUSIAD

Ankara Ambassador of Indonesia H.E. Wardana,, gave a courtesy visit to President of MUSIAD Abdurrahman Kaan.

Ankara Ambassador of Indonesia H.E.Wardana gave a courtesy visit to President  of MUSIAD Abdurrahman Kaan, Vice President Adnan Bostan and Chairman of Foreign Organizational Development Mr. İbrahim Uyar were also present.

Cooperation should be Improved

President of MUSIAD Mr. Kaan mentioned that MUSIAD has 11.000 members and has 86 domestic connections and 201 abroad connections in 74 different countries. Kaan expressed that MUSIAD is open to cooperation with Indonesian companies and that they can do joint work in strategic sectors.

We Declared 2019 as Asia-Pasific Year

Chairman of Foreign Organizational Commission Mr. Uyar mentioned that they declared 2019 as Asia-Pasific year and they conduct important works. He also mentioned that they keep conducting organizational work in Indonesia and they will open representation as soon as possible. Mentioning that they are in 4 different states in Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and China Uyar emphasised that they continue their work.

Significant Opportunities are Present

Ambassador Wardana mentioned that there are significant opportunities in halal and religion tourism in Indonesia and that Turkish companies and Indonesian firms can cooperate in this area.

Mentioning there are also significant projects in energy and defense industry sectors, Ambassador Wardana noted that both countries can proceed with these projects by cooperation.