Invest in Wallonia Meeting

The Invest in Wallonia meeting was held on 10.08.2018 in Namur Belgium. Geoffrey Parks (M&A Officer) and Karelle Lambert (Senior Area Director Europe) from Invest in Wallonia and Hayri Apaydın (President) and Yavuz Sarıkaya (Institutional Relations Director of French speaking community) from MUSIAD Belgium participated in the meeting.

President Hayri Apaydın made brief presentation about MUSIAD Belgium’s recent activities. Also Apaydın informed Wallonian members about MUSIAD Expo in 21-24 November.

In the meeting Wallonian members informed MUSIAD about Invest in Wallonia. Wallonian members said that they are looking for investmens in six business sector. The sectors are: Logistics, aeronautics, agrofood, green science, mechanical engineering and life sciences.

At the end of the meeting, Invest in Wallonia invited MUSIAD members to the annual Invest in Wallonia gala dinner.