15 July Martyrs Memorial Ceremony

15 July Martyrs Memorial Ceremony was held in the Embassy of Turkey in Brussels due to 15 July Democracy and National Unity Day.

Turkey’s Brussels Ambassador Zeki Levent Gümrükçü, Turkey’s Permanent Representative to NATO, Ambassador Fatih Ceylan, Turkey’s European Union (EU) Permanent Representative, Ambassador Faruk Kaymakçı, diplomatic and military powers, Brussels Consul General Dilşad Kırbaşlı Karaoğlu, Antwerp Consul General Metin Ergin and as a representative of MUSIAD Belgium, Vice-Chairman Yusuf Bedir attended to the ceremony.

“Turkey, which managed to stand against the global crisis, G20 member and EU candidate, is a strong country who internalized the free market economy and multiparty political system. Although we feel negative effects as the first reflex, the strong image of our country will shortly eliminate these negativities both in the domestic market and in foreign markets. Likewise, as the public has observed, all markets have quickly reached the normal level. We will continue to grow our economy by working and producing more. Thereupon as MUSIAD Belgium, we will fulfill our responsibility between Turkey and Belgium relations and Turkey - EU relations.” 

Hayri Apaydın

President of MUSIAD Belgium