Gold Package: 1600€ total with the participation fee of 1000€ and 600€ annual dues.

Here are some advantages we offer to Gold Package members:

·         Right to elected and vote in MUSIAD Belgium’s Executive Board election.

·         Right to participate as VIP in events organized by MUSIAD Belgium.

·         Right to participate in dinners and meetings with VIP guests.

·         Chance to participate in high profile business meetings.

·         Your brands advertisement with logo during your membership.

·         Opportunity to expand your business with more than 160 consultation points in 69 different countries.

·         Benefiting from sponsorship discounts in events organized by MUSIAD Belgium.

·         The opportunity to benefit from the discount agreements signed with MUSIAD Belgium and the MUSIAD Headquarters in cooperation with different sectors and organizations.

·         Sharing information about your products and services with our MUSIAD members on your target market with your demand.

·         Free legal and accounting consultancy support.

·         Take place in magazines and newsletters published by MUSIAD Belgium.


Note: MUSIAD Belgium Gold Package members who have paid the registration fee are obliged to pay a membership fee of 70 Euro per month in the second year of their membership and 700 Euro per year in collective payments.